One-Handed Cooking Gadgets

Cooking with one hand - girl with hemiplegia.Our kids can cook!  Have your child help out in the kitchen from an early age and he will learn to cook independently by the time he’s ready to leave home.

Cutting Tools for Individuals with Hemiplegia

The Ulu knife is useful for chopping fresh herbs

Pizza cutters are also useful for cutting

Finger Guard

 Strawberry Slicer


Other Kitchen Tools for Individuals with Hemiplegia

A good pair of tongs is useful for serving salad pasta, and turning things over in a pan.

Salad tongs for one-handed operation

One Handed Cutting Boards have a section shaped like a triangle with a raised lip so the bread stays still while you spread. Look for a cutting board that has a vise and stainless steel spikes that will hold objects so that you can cut them. Rubber suction feet that secure the board to the counter are helpful.

Easy Butler Appliance Aid allows you to push appliances towards back of counter, then pull tray when you need item at front of counter

Opening Items in the Kitchen, Using One Hand

Unskru Jar Opener

SoloGrip Jar and Bottle Opener works like a vise to hold various size bottles or jars securely as you remove the lids

Ring pull can opener helps open cans that have a pull tab

One touch can opener

EZ Squeeze one-handed can opener

 Other Cooking Ideas

  • Dycem Mats grip on both sides of its surface and help keep plates and bowls from sliding
  • Bowls with a rubber finish on the bottom will help the bowl remain stable on the counter top
  • Medicine droppers usually have small increments marked on them – perfect for making small measurements
  • Food Processors can make chopping easier

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