Name the New Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association Mascot

CHASA MascotWe need your help!  CHASA has been searching for a mascot and we were inspired by a very special penguin who lives at the Santa Barbara zoo. His name is Lucky, and he wears a special shoe like the ones worn by so many of our kids with hemiplegia. We were so excited to hear about Lucky and how strong and brave he is that the CHASA board decided to adopt a penguin as our mascot.  But, our penguin mascot needs a name, and we need you to send us your ideas for a name for the CHASA mascot.

The CHASA board will choose the penguin’s name and the winner (or winners) will receive a special recognition for their help in naming the new CHASA mascot. And, you might win a $50 gift certificate!

Where do I send the penguin’s name?

Fill out this form and include your suggestions for the CHASA penguin’s name.

Should I give the penguin a girl name or a boy name?

You should give the penguin a name that can be used for either a girl or boy penguin, since both girls and boys can have hemiplegia or hemiparesis due to a pediatric stroke or many other causes.  So, don’t send in a name like Jennifer or Jeff. Choose a unisex name. You can make up a name – it doesn’t have to be a traditional name.

Can I name the penguin “Lucky”?

No, there is already a penguin named Lucky. You need to choose another name.

Can I send in more than one name on the same form?

Yes! Send in as many names as you wish on the same form.

If the name I submit is selected, will I receive any special recognition?

The individual who submits the chosen name will receive a $50 gift card. Only one $50 gift card will be given. If multiple people submit the same penguin name, we will place all of the submissions for that name in a box and draw out the name of one individual who will receive the gift card. We will also recognize all the individuals who submitted the chosen name on the CHASA website and on social media pages.

Where can I learn more about Lucky the penguin?

 Penguin With a Funky Shoe Video by Parry Gripp

A Special Shoe for a “Lucky” Penguin

Lucky’s shoe made by Teva