Kids with Hemiplegia Can Play the Guitar

If you’re the parent of a child with hemiplegia or any disability, you just hate to think of telling your child that you don’t think they can do something. I like to think that my daughter can do just about anything – she’s very determined and I always encourage her or at least keep my mouth shut. But, when she came to me and announced that she was going to play the guitar –  knowing that she has NO fine motor skills in her right hand – well, I wasn’t exactly a major cheerleader at that moment.

Bring in her fabulous music therapist who pointed us towards A Day’s Work. This company designs and builds musical instruments and adaptive aids for person who have physical challenges. Check out their adaptive guitar picks.

With the use of a hand splint with an aluminum stay (to help her hand stay in a useful position) and the adaptive pick, my daughter is strumming away to her favorite songs. Which songs? The clue is in the photo.