Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Camps for Children with Hemiplegia


Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Camps and Programs

The following organizations or clinics have contacted CHASA and asked that we share information with you about constraint induced movement therapy and/or bimanual therapy camps they are  hosting this summer. CHASA lists these camps as a courtesy to families and therapists and a listing is not an endorsement by CHASA. We hope you and your children have fun plans for the summer! CHASA lists camps that do not charge a fee for services.

Center for Cerebral Palsy Research – Columbia University, New York, NY.  Individual CIT and HABIT programs throughout the year.

UNC Summer Constraint Induced Movement Therapy  (CIMT) Camp for Children with Hemiplegia

This list of camps is provided by CHASA as a means of assisting parents in locating a CIMT program.  CHASA has not researched specific details about these camps. A listing on this page does not imply endorsement by CHASA.