Children With Hemiplegia Cerebrate Life

Happy girl with hemiplegia

Happy news from families of children who have hemiplegia.
We appreciate the small things in life!


Children with hemiplegia often have multiple disabilities including difficulty using one hand, weakness on one side, seizures, vision, speech, learning, behavioral and emotional differences.  They may struggle, but life does not keep them down. Celebrate with us!

Benaiah did great in speech therapy today. He played on the computer and said 11 words.

Casey managed to peel a banana with her affected hand. Yea!

Lexi sat “criss cross applesauce” for the first time by herself.

Toby, 17 months old, with right hemiplegia, transferred a toy from his left hand into his right! This is the first time he has ever done this. He was proud of himself, but not nearly as proud as mommy and daddy were!

Last night Arianna was talking up a storm. She put her little hand over her heart and did the full pledge of Allegiance. We are a military family and she goes to school on base at a DOD school. Mom was so proud!

Went to Brock’s orthopedic surgeon appointment today and he thinks Brock’s foot is stable enough to go without a brace for awhile. Brock wanted to know if we were going to throw his brace away.

Things I love to hear: “Mom! Look at me supinate!!”

One of Tina’s friends, who uses two hands, asked Tina to help open her water bottle.

We just got back from Nolan’s opthamology appointment. His exotropia is still corrected properly from surgery three years ago and his near sightedness has corrected itself. It’s nice to finally hear some good news for once.

Just got back from our 2 year old check up with our son Charlie. The pediatrician was floored by his speech. Not too bad considering we were told in NICU that he might not ever talk. Also, not bad for a kid who has been in and out of oral motor therapy and speech therapy. The past two years have been such a roller coaster. I love it when we have a good day.

Lucas is doing so amazing playing farm baseball this year. He’s getting so many hits, which is rare at this level. So proud he’s not afraid to try things that all the other boys are doing. We’re just two years past the stroke he had at age 6.

Just got the results of James’ NICU follow up: only a mild expressive language delay and above average in cognition!

This morning Layne grabbed a puff with her right hand and fed it to herself without making a transfer! It was an awesome way to start the day!

We are officially done with phenobarbital for seizure prevention!

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