Apps for Children with Hemiplegia

If you have an iPhone or iPad you may find the following list of Facebook pages or groups helpful. Aileen Kavanagh-Kaiteris created this lists and says that she finds useful apps from the posts, comments, giveaways, app parties, etc., found on these pages. Thanks to Aileen for sharing these resources.

A4cwsn – apps for children with special needs

Apps for Children with Special Needs – Educational Apps

Smart apps for kids

Moms With Apps 

Babies With Ipads

Technology in Education

AppyMall has apps sorted by age and also features free apps daily


For books, Aileen recommends downloading the free Kindle app from itunes and signing up for the daily email generated by both Pixel of Ink. Each day, they send an email of at least 5 free or discounted books a day for adults and children. Then set up your one-click on Amazon, follow the link in the email, one-click and your free book is automatically downloaded to your iPad.