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Soccer Tips for Kids with Hemiplegia

I’m going to answer this as a former soccer player/coach/referee instead of the mom of a child with hemiplegia, since I know more about the first. Being a good soccer player is more about ball control than how hard you […]

Peeling Those Oranges

Joey peeled an orange today! She didn’t even eat it and went straight to work on another one. I guess I’ll be eating a lot of oranges today! – Lottie

Yea hooo!!

Hello. I thought I would share my great news of the day. My son started pedaling a bike with no training wheels on it today. Oh, he was so excited!! He kept yelling, “Yea hooo! Yea hooo!” It was so […]

Pediatric Stroke and Spelling Success

When Gregory entered kindergarten at age 5, he could barely write the letter “G” in his name.  It took the first two years of elementary school, intensive practice at home and school using a specialized writing curriculum, and hours of […]

Protected: 2014 CHASA Family Retreat Details

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Christopher is Clapping!

I am so excited! Christopher just turned 11 months old and he has started to clap. It is a little different clap, he holds his left arm close to his body, holds out his hand and then pats it with […]