HemiKids Online Group

We have closed the Hemi-Kids Listserv. Current members will continue to use the listserv, but we are not adding new members at this time. You can find similar parent groups on Facebook.

Started in 1996, this friendly and supportive online email discussion group has served thousands of parents, mostly moms, of children who have hemiplegia or hemiparesis. Discussions range from potting training to how to adapt a car. We share ideas about physical and occupational therapy, education, behavioral and social issues, and other issues. We also enjoy sharing those daily success stories and creative ways we’ve found to help our children cope with the challenges of hemiplegia.

Hemi-Kids was created to serve a group of children who tend to “fall through the cracks”. In many ways, these children live a pretty “typical” life and often don’t quite fit into the world of children who have disabilities.  Yet, they don’t quite fit into the “typically developing” world, either. The parents on Hemi-Kids understand the challenges of parenting a child with mild to moderate hemiplegia.

From a Hemi-Kids Discussion Group member:

Thank you for all the emails of support and encouragement I’ve received since joining the Hemi-Kids Discussion Group. My husband and I sat together and read them all and we were both in tears, but also felt so much better after reading them. We realize the future may be different for our son, but with our support and love we know our son will achieve the best he can. Regardless, he is our baby and my heart swells whenever I look at him. I feel a sense of relief in finding this group of people and knowing we are not alone. My hubby just told me how happy he is that I now have “Hemi-Friends.” Ha! It made me smile. Thank you to all my new Hemi-Friends.